Action B1 completed

The design and assembly of the equipment making up the LESSDRONE were completed. The automatic positioning of the hull and the analysis instrumentation are connected through a specific software that manages the different sampling phases. The position of the drone is managed by a Global Positioning System (GPS) that allows to identify the points to be monitored directly on the map.
The hull consists in 6 independent inflatable sections that allow the floatation of the frame on which the control boxes and monitoring equipment are anchored. Under the frame and within the area delimited by the inflatable sections, the collection hood of the offgas was placed for the measurement of the incoming flow.


L'obiettivo principale del progetto LESSWATT è lo sviluppo di uno strumento innovativo per valutare e minimizzare i contributi diretti e indiretti della carbonfoot print prodotta dalle vasche di ossidazione degli impianti di depurazione.