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Since its foundation in 1981, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Florence carries out the academic and research activities in the field of civil and environmental engineering. The research programs extend to cover extensively the fields of Structural Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Building Design, Transportation Engineering and Topography, Geotechnics, Applied Geology and Geophysics. The research group that will be involved in the LIFE LESSWATT project belongs to the Department and it has a strong background on sanitary and environmental engineering. In the last ten years the research activity was mainly dedicated to biological processes for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment as well as to mechanical and biological processes for municipal solid wastes.


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CUOIODEPUR is a joint-stock company by large majority private. The company was created to manage a consortial wastewater treatment plantwhere the effluents of about 100 tanneries are treated. The equipment and facilities fully belong to the municipality of San Miniato (Pisa) and the consortium CUOIODEPUR has in concession from the municipality the plant management and operation. Cuoiodepur participated to several projects in collaboration with the Universities of Pisa and Florence and with Enea focused on the implementation of innovative technologies for tannery wastewaters and gaseous streams treatment such as membrane bioreactors, biological sulphide oxidation to elemental sulphur and sulphate in gas and liquid phase, integration of biological and advanced oxidation processes, innovative biological nutrient removal process configurations.


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The research unit BIOMATH is embedded in the Dept. of mathematical modelling, statistics and bioinformatics. It has vast expertise in model-based bioprocess analysis and optimization. Great focus has been on modelling of wastewater treatment plants. BIOMATH has expertise particularly in modelling of aeration and greenhouse gas emissions, two vital aims in the current proposal. In terms of aeration models, several models have been developed in different types of systems (conventional activated sludge and membrane bioreactors). Current research to understand detailed mechanisms of oxygen transfer is ongoing. With regard to GHG emissions, in BIOMATH there is an important task group of the International Water Association dealing with modelling of GHGs from wastewater treatment plants.


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Utilitatis is a research foundation with an expertise of over 20 years in Public Local Services. The main associate of Utilitatis is the Italian Association of Public Local Services Enterprises (Utilitalia) which gathers, among the others, the most important Water Service players. Utilitatis carries out several researches and publications, such as the most important monographs on Italian Water Service, Waste Management and Natural Gas Market. Utilitatis is primary partner in several projects and collaborates with Universities, research Institutes, Companies and Institutional public bodies.


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West Systems, founded in 1988, is a world leading company in the design and implementation of soil gas fluxes measurement, mapping and monitoring instruments. The company also provides qualified and highly specialized services, such as technical support and scientific consultancy, in the field of environmental engineering and environmental monitoring to private and public bodies. West Systems has accrued in-depth knowledge of water treatment services sector and its know-how and curriculum make it a leader in the engineering field, especially in the water services sector. West Systems has a large experience in Life projects and in several other National and International EU cofinanced projects.


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