Action A2 completed

Action A2 (Survey on Italian, Belgian and Dutch WRRFs) has been completed. In this action, the WRRFs characteristics that could influence the prototype design and development were assessed. This evaluation was carried out through a survey collecting information about the design of Italian and European WRRFs and through monitoring campaigns in 5 selected WRRFs, 3 Italians (S. Colombano in Tuscany, Sestri Ponente in Liguria and Roma east in Lazio) and 2 Northern Europeans (Eindhoven and Tillburg in the Netherlands). The survey was designed and implemented online: the system collected about 50 answers. The responses provided useful information for the design of the prototype (Action B.1) and for the protocol development (action B4), ensuring their applicability in a large number of WRRFs. The selected WRRFs characterization is fundamental for the B5 action. All the gathered information contributes to the possibility of implementing both the prototype and the protocol in a wide range of WRRFs.



L'obiettivo principale del progetto LESSWATT è lo sviluppo di uno strumento innovativo per valutare e minimizzare i contributi diretti e indiretti della carbonfoot print prodotta dalle vasche di ossidazione degli impianti di depurazione.